Mother's Intuition

Mother's Intuition. How is it that Mothers just Knows? While there may be something quite magical about how your Mother tunes into your moods while others are clueless,it may be that Mothers come by intuition the same way as any us can.
Rita's Daughters

Try spending day and night with a little person who can't talk. Focus on every little movement, the tiny nuanced differences between cries, and notice the daily changes that occur as an infant  moves into toddler-hood and onward into youth.

When you want very much to support, to love, to help, and to guide a child, you spend hours and hours thinking, worrying, trying everything. Pretty soon, the things that work well take their place at the top of mind. After a while, that cute little smirk means something very specific and Mom just "Knows" what her child wants.
When we feel immediately "tuned in" to people we barely know, it makes us wonder how such things are possible. But with Mothers, intuition is often a hard earned skill.So this year, if you have a Mother who Knows you, don't forget to thank her for all her years of paying attention.

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