My daughter whispered to me about her kindergarten teacher: "Mom, my teacher's real name is Scott, but when he examples himself, he calls himself 'Mr. Z'." Ana Joy inspires me to make verbs out of all the nouns in life...which reminded me of other people who inspire me...

Nomkhubulwane in Ciudad Juarez

Bliss Browne, Founder of Imagine Chicago, is organizing and hosting a visit to Chicago by leading South African artist Andries Botha and one of the 17 life size elephants he has made from recycled materials as part of his Human Elephant Foundation. Before there were paved roads, Elephant tracks provided humans with a way forward. Bliss wants the conversations and events around these magnificent creatures to lead us toward our creative potential in creating a more sustainable future. Check it out.
David Q Rosen creates visually stunning work that he gives away, sending his photos through email as he walks from one meeting to the next. You'd never guess he is a successful director/producer of commercials for business and Hollywood. His unlikely Buddhist kindness ypasses all definitions of success. He tunes into the heart of a person, matter, or scene so that he can see the possibilities and encourage them to come to life from a new perspective.
Alicia Howes' British accent is so charming and her background in consulting so impressive that you might not guess she is a gifted intuitive who does soul level work in the gentlest sort of way. She reports angelic insight like she is translating from friend to friend. Here's another mystery: how does an effective management consultant become a hospice volunteer? Ask Alicia. 
The funny and audacious Jen Weigel, who says "I'm Spiritual Dammit", embodies courage of the heart. She tells her uncensored truth exactly as she experiences it. This is truly a "what you see is what you get" gal. You would never guess how many hundreds of people have been touched by her behind-the-scenes work to inspire or connect them to paths that help them find peace through a painful struggle.
There are so many more people who inspire me every day. Because this is a blog and not a book, I'll stop here for the moment. To whom are you grateful for your inspiration?

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