Here She Comes...

Recent Readings have revealed a most interesting phenomenon. It's about what is happening to feminine energy on the planet even as I write this. The way I See it, women's historical and current experience can be likened to our liver. I  know, it's a stretch, but bear with me.

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The liver has the capacity to regenerate cells in the body. At the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, I met people in their 80's who did not wear glasses, even for reading. They only ate raw, organic food and exercised regularly. The result was that their skin was better than mine - OK, I like my chai tea and soy milk - and their eyes were bright, like shiny mirrors to their souls.

The M.D. who taught one of the classes there, explained that we throw toxins in our bodies on a regular basis - have you seen the latest on how men's colognes can cause sperm damage,  or how sunscreen can accelerate cancer? The liver is our hero organ that manages all the toxins so we can keep living even while we smell good and avoid sunburn. However, when the liver is so busy containing or throwing off toxins, it cannot regenerate new cells. Until we care for the basics, we cannot experience the thrill of younger looking skin and clearer eyes.
So what does this have to do with women and feminine energy in general? Well, throughout history, the feminine has been reduced, hidden, minimized, abused and devalued. From radicalism to sex slaves, the power of the feminine has barely seen the light of day. Basically, the feminine has invested all it's energy in minimizing toxins and in surviving. Until the last decade or three, permission for a strong show of feminine power was relegated to sexual orgasm.
Only since higher education, economic independence, business and family choices, and global opportunities has the potential for feminine power reached higher ground.And now, from what I've heard from astrologers and from what I've Read in recent readings, the feminine is about to have it's "regenerating cells" day. It looks like the feminine is about to learn what else is possible when it is not tied to survival. What would feminine passion and attraction make possible if it were open creativity day? What transformation is possible?
You tell me....

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