Divorce in the Air?

After dozens and dozens of Intuitive Readings over the last several weeks, I have been noting an odd theme. Even though many Readings are supporting decisions related to career moves, a pattern began to emerge around whether long standing marriages were still viable. 

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It was not that those who asked had found another partner - though some had - it was that even those who had been going along to get along in their marriage had come to some "finally" place and were seriously exploring the best next step. In fact, some were even thinking creatively about how the relationship could best morph into co-parenting or friendship.

What prompted the intensity around this topic? A funny thing happened when I attended my favorite women's networking group, First Tuesday. Barbara Schermer, well known astrologist, was speaking about what's up in the sky. Barbara informed us that right now the stars are aligned in such a way that if you are in a relationship that is not helpful or alive, it will come under greater scrutiny, conflict and uncertainty...with separations likely.
While I'm not an astrology devotee, I found it curious that this bit of cosmic data coincided with this odd pattern with my clients requests for the truth about their most complex and intimate relationships. 
So if you find yourself in a relationship that hasn't been serving either party for a while, this is the time to explore what is life giving and what is not. The honest sorting out will help both people find the bottom line under the chaos.Scary as this seems, when we face these challenges with courage, the future that is for our highest good awaits.

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