Carry Water, Pick Up Sticks

Some clients have had extraordinary experiences. Many have literally "seen the Light" - whether from: near death experiences; sacred places; serious accidents; during the "death watch" of a loved one;or just in meditation. So here's the question. Once you have experienced The Light, how does life change and who do you become as a result?

A Buddhist devotee lights oil lamps ahead of Vesak Day celebrations in Kuala Lumpur

Many report feeling more sad or guilty when they don't act according to what they have come to know as Love. Others say they feel somewhat depressed as they measure the distance between everyday human experience and the Divine One. Some say the sense of Oneness becomes a call and a place out of which they operate, but the brilliance of feeling is lost and becomes an echo of the past.

I've never seen a book written on "Life after the Oneness Experience". It would have to be like writing a story about what happens after someone meets the love of his life, gets married, has a fabulous honeymoon, and starts living happily ever after. Those books have definitely been written.
Post Oneness could be called "the commitment part of the program". When life becomes ordinary and sometimes confusing, and the questions about meaning and faith continue. Desert experiences still arise. Having seen the Light doesn't make life less painful for most. It just helps them to understand that there will be pain and life will go on and on and on.
The Buddhists say that in life we "carry water and pick up sticks." So what happens after enlightenment? The Buddhist say: We "carry water, and pick up sticks." 
Welcome, everyone, to the human experience and Happy Birthday, Buddha.

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