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Today I walked with horse whisperer, Carole Dunbar. She's an international horse show judge, owns a rare brindle, and apparently has a lot of horse friends who let her in on their side of the story. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and has had much success in healing horses as well. Although she is a sales professional in health care - for people - by day, she has solved so many horse owner's dilemmas that she is unwittingly building a horse whisperer business.
Travellers Attend The Annual Appleby Horse Fair

We talked about the difference in the way we treat animals in the last couple of decades. Carole said that her cat received chiropractic treatments! Being allergic to animals in general, myself, (must have been eaten by one in a past life), I'm not one to turn to about these matters. I don't even understand giving animals people-food.
Anyway, we also talked about what the animals have been doing for people lately. The stories of how horses calm, heal and communicate with sensitive, autisitc children, for example, are as abundant as the horse farms opening their doors as sources of healing. It seems the more we treat animals like we treat people, the more of their potential to heal us emerges.
Carole said all the animals she has ever met are gentle and kind. I said, "Not all of them. Some are nasty and mean." She said, "Whenever I've meet an animal that is nasty and mean, it is because it has been abused." 
"Funny," I replied, "The same can be said for all the people I've met." It reminds me of a lyric in Laura Derocher's CD A Song of My Own. It's called "Have Patience" and the lyric says: Where there's ugliness, damage lies beneath. I must remember to be tender to him and her and me." Ain't it the truth!

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