CEOs with Intuitive Intelligence!

One of my clients who is a CEO commented and inquired: "I know Joe isn't producing and I'm considering letting him go. But before I do that, am I finished with my soul work with him? Am I anxious to cut him loose because I don't want to learn what he has to teach me, or is it really time to move on?"
U.S. And Saudi Representatives Discuss Energy Markets

There is a new brand of leadership emerging in the marketplace. These leaders are not only savvier in understanding the need to stay on top of the entrepreneurial spirit, they want to stay in tuned with their own spirit!
Because of my long history of facilitating large scale change in business, I continue to have CEO and other leaders as clients. Only now, many leaders are doing their human homework, recognizing that when they do, they can positively impact their personal lives, their families and their companies. I've been fascinated at the blend of requests for strategic business insight and quickly followed by questions about their children or their personal growth - soul level awareness and responsibility. 
And what an exciting personal ride this is for me: to experience facilitating large group change through leadership and transformation models one minute, and then moving in the next moment into the intuitive realms, to "look up" anything from the best fit for joint ventures to the best client/internal sales matches to the personal insight so many leaders are now seeking. 
Time and space are collapsing. This is the future...get ready! 


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