2012 Children: The Birth of a New Intelligence

By all accounts, this is predicted 2012 watershed moment in our history as a planet proclaims a new kind of reality. According to researcher PMH Atwater in her book Beyond the Indigo Children, the kids, themselves, represent this new world. And I believe the children are heralding the birth of a new intelligence: Intuitive Intelligence. I believe that is why there is a frenzied mass media focus on everything Ghost-like and Paranormal to the point of - forgive me - an almost morbid fascination with knowledge of the unseen.

Gwen Stefani Spends the Day With her Kids!

If children do not help us through their intuitive intelligence, which is quantum leaps faster than logic, then our survival as a planet is certainly in greater peril. Yet, some of these children are caught between the old and the upcoming...as if their bodies are trying to interpolate the frequencies that represent the same old us and the emerging evolutionary us.

Jen Weigel and I talked at the Wilmette Theater late last week about Parenting Intuitive Kids. I don't know how the audience felt, but I was REALLY impressed and inspired by them! There were  parents there whose kids could not connect with them, but who were determined to give their kids the best possible chance to express their gifts, and a teacher who would get down on the floor and make eye contact with children who went into tantrum mode, and found the kids worked through it much more quickly. As it turns out, Love is not always "ordered" or in line with propriety either.

I'll never forget the single mother I met at the Psychic Kids Conference in Ashland, Oregon a few years ago. She said "My son is autistic and deaf. Many people meet him and talk about him, trying to make him as normal as other children. I feel so angry when they do that. My son did not come here to be like other children. My son came to teach us something. And no one is listening."
What can we learn from those who make no sense to us? What do those who are "dis-ordered" have to teach you?

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