The Devil Made Me Do It

Recently a client told me that she had an experience of seeing a devil when she was young and it terrified her. She interpreted it as  a sign that God was punishing her or that she must have done something terribly wrong  I thought of how many time our fearful interpretations lead us far afield from the possibilities for growth in Spirit. 

Aeropostale Classic - Duke v Gonzaga


When we experience darkness and confusion at a young age, it can be an opportunity to develop informed sensitivity over time.  It causes us to seek answers - first because of our fear - and later because we understand that our questions attract greater insight. 

Ironically, it can be a blessing to have such experiences early on because we have a lifetime to work out what these dark moments have to teach us. Then we can hold another's hand and support them in their they find their own answers.

So, even the devil can send us on a journey toward the Light...

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