Jail Time

The U.S. criminal justice system has a precise process for dealing with transgressions. It listening to arguments on both sides;  judges; condemns; sentences the condemned to jail time; and then, for most, releases back to the light of day based on enough time served. This, I have observed as an Intuitive, is precisely the way we often deal with ourselves. 

Scales Of Justice

If we follow a particular religion, there are rituals that guide us through these steps. Both Judaism and Catholicism, for example, have rituals that allow us, through Lent or Yom Kippur, to experience 40 days of reflection that promote true confession - and, through reflection, pay our dues regarding our transgressions by asking forgiveness and forgiving ourselves. Finally we are released to the light once more.
When I intuitively look at clients, whether religious or not, i observe the same process Where ignorance or fear motivated action or where we are in conflict about our action, part of registers this.We unconsciously judge, condemn, and then jail the part of us we don't want to see, sending this feeling experience underground, where it is buried in the unconscious. 
I have observed that when clients are offered a perspective in Intuitive Readings that allow them to see themselves through the eyes of compassion instead of self condemnation, they can more easily face their hidden parts, find the many things they learned through the path they chose, and find mercy that leads to self forgiveness. Just as the rituals followed in many religions, this brings back right relationship with themselves, where nothing is hidden away in the dark jail of the unconscious.  
What is fascinating to me in facilitating this process through thousands of Readings, is that it is often the most sensitive and deepest feeling people who keep many parts of themselves in unconscious jail and have the greatest trouble with self forgiveness.
When we act out of self righteousness and entitlement, we subordinate others' feelings to our own gain. The most sensitive people experience pain exquisitely and cannot bring themselves to feel the raw truth of others' pain and their part in it. Sometimes it is the most sensitive person who becomes the most resistant to feeling, and as a result, become the most hardened against others. 
At the end of the day, we all have a systems of justice within us. We have a court that reckons our actions with our deepest heartfelt intent. We unwittingly go directly from self-righteousness to unconscious self-judgment and self-condemnation - resulting in that dark jail time where we can begin to feel numb or out of touch with the world...and we can't figure out why. 
Sometimes when those parts are hidden away for a while, they feel more powerful than they are. Unconsciously, we make the decision that if these feelings come to light, it will be overwhelming. So when that possibilities arises, anti-depressants can help us numb ourselves to the possibility of feeling that sadness and pain, as it de-presses the de-pressed feelings.
With the kindness of a stranger who notices something wonderful about us and says so, or through relationship with someone who loves us and does not count our transgressions as grounds for dismissing us (as we have dismissed ourselves), we can suddenly breakdown and wonder at the power of a small gesture  In the miracle of a moment, we are brought back to the light of the possibility of self forgiveness, And in self forgiveness we are released from jail and free again to love.
Perhaps knowing that we have the power to look our transgressions in the eye, ask forgiveness, and then forgive ourselves - or that we have the power to offer a small gesture of kindness and compassion that might grant another a shorter jail sentence - will make today a blessing for all. 

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