"Imaginating" Feeds the Soul

Today was a good day. A pre-birthday party adventure took my kindergartener and me to places where we could peruse and pet little furry puppies; wonder at the uncountable variety of fish God saw fit to create; test different color roses to find out if they smelled like their colors; and hold balloons, each adorned with a big painted flower, making all twelve together  a flying flower bouquet kite. Without a kindergartener, how would I keep play and awe so close at hand? 

NBL Grand Final Series - Hawks v Wildcats: Game 2

What feeds your soul? Is it looking at Lake Michigan - all water space without building or traffic to disrupt your large imagination? Ana says, "Mom, be quiet. I'm imaginating". 
Even just a small dose of something that prompts you to breathe -  go ahead, do it now - strengthens the immune system and promotes well being. Smile at your fellow driver - it will confuse the heck out of him, but you will feel better! "Imaginate" life as you want it to be today, and ask Spirit to smooth your path with a flow of grace that ripples out to all those you have the privilege to serve today.

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