Bringing Spirit to Work

When I work in close companionship in Spirit in an Intuitive Reading, a river of words occur about a client's soul lessons and life purpose and how it all integrates with his current challenges - and then healing flows. After years and years of practice, I have caught myself expressing an attitude that I call"I know", from which I believe all learning ceases. 

General Election - Education

Ironically, it has been in business consulting with a CEO using both intuitive work and large scale change methodology that has prompting me to move more humbly to an inner attitude called "I don't know" and "What else could this be about?" 

In contrast to a Reading with one individual, in large scale transformation, there are so many ways to approach systems and the people they are intended to serve, that creativity must be collaborative. It prompts me ask for Spiritual help in a different way.

Do you believe you have "Friends in the Light "? (Friends with different kinds of Benefits!). 

I imagine that I have a constant staff of colleagues to inform and resource my current endeavor. I ask with a lighter tone and happy expectation. What I've discovered is that Spiritual Companions delight in assisting, supporting and collaborating in the kindest, humblest and most generous of ways when I ask, open, allow, and receive.  Sometimes the inspiration does not come in the timing I believe is perfect. However, what seems the absence of response to my call for help, when I insist to myself that it is perfect timing, it comes exactly when it is most helpful to the whole.

It turns out that this asking is a pathway to surrender -  not so easy for a control monster Aries that often feels she has it all figured out. I highly recommend giving it a try- ask for Spiritual help and support - especially in the areas where you think you already have the answer -  and then yield to the miracles it brings through time and space.


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