A Supernatural Battle between Demons and The Light

Since 2005, interest in the paranormal has grown exponentially, in no small part to movies such as the recent Paranormal Activity, as well as a plethora of television shows, from Ghost Hunters, to Paranormal States, to Most Hauntedto name a few. Wikipedia now has an entry called "Paranormal Television!" I spoke this past weekend at a Conference for fans of yet another related television show called Supernatural. Surprisingly, these fans were focused on Joseph Campbell's book The Hero's Journeywhich is the basis for the show. One of the Conference workshops even taught fans to write scripts that spoke to moving the story forward based on it underlying myths.

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Some fans expressed their fascination and fears surrounding real demons. One woman said she had a lot of nightmares and another said he was "haunted" by depression. Both were looking for answers. I asked if either of them believed in a Creator/God/Spirit or something larger than themselves. Both said "No." 

Well, there's the rub. Whether you have a religion, you regard yourself as simply spiritual, or you are aware of myths, such as  those about which Joseph Campbell writes, demons always have an opposing force. You can't delve into a haunting or evil or demons unequipped with The Light. Even Star Wars works with "The Force". 
Evil is the word "live" backwards. When we live in fear, we live backwards from our most natural state of the expression of our light (vs. "depression" of that light, which is darkness) - and there is nothing more fearful than the perception of demons. What brings us back to ourselves  is our identity as an intimate part of the Light. 

When we do not identify with or feel intimate companionship of The Light, we will suffer at the hands of our perceptions or the experience of an entity who has built its life so fully around fear that he becomes the horror we call "a demon."

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