Space and God's Imagination

When I was searching for a space for our Center, I was introduced to a man, call him Dave, who was owed a favor by another man, call him Richard, who had extra space in his office building.. Richard said, "Okay." The Center Team was elated. Except the delays went on and on.  Finally, I realized that the energy between the men was obligatory - and that never works to seed new life. So then I said to the Dave, "Hey, don't you have space in your building" "Yes!" he said " I should have thought of that." And we were off and running....except the delays became suspiciously familiar. Then I said, "what is it in me that is not attracting space?" 

star getting fed for blog god's imagination.jpg

What part of me is still one of eleven children, sure that I deserve my own drawer, but not sure that I deserve my own big house, much less a whole Center of space? And how in the world do I find more space in my own Center/heart, when I feel overburdened with responsibilities and "to do" lists? 

I almost gave up until I realized that giving up is not surrender. Surrender means releasing my picture, as glorious as it is, of what I want for the Center, to Spirit. When I did that, I realized how much more space I had inside me. I noticed that my focus and persistence was narrowing not only my imagination, but what God might have in store. 
So now I sit in the space of meditation inside God's Imagination...Stay tuned and I let you know how it all turns out!

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