From Financial Anxiety to Abundance

Have you noticed a little tension in the air around security, particularly financial security? There are endless formulas for solving that tension by explaining how to attract abundance to yourself. However, there is no mention of what to do about the underlying worry that it won't happen or it may not happen in time. How do we create enough of a sense of safety within so that we can focus on the idea of abundance? We wrestled with this question at our workshop at Burke's Books of Park Ridge last week and came up with an amazing discovery!
Free Pictures | In addition to consciously releasing the voices of others that we let erode our confidence, we took a deeper look at each of our particular fears. When the participants were asked how much of their energy they spent worrying, fretting, regretting, and feeling an underlying anxiety, everyone said it was 40% or more. Caroline Myss, a four times best selling author who pioneered medical intuition as a field, says it takes 70% of our energy in present time to manifest anything. Now about that abundance meditation...

So back to our fears we went. As it turns out, most of the time, fear is a protector, preventing us from doing the very thing we most want - so that we will stay with the status quo, and a false sense of safety in the familiar. Protection and limitation are cousins. When we pay attention to fear, when we appreciate it's role as teacher, it gives us the information we need to accept it's warnings and then release it.
Albert Einstein's said that the most important question we can ask ourselves is: "Is the Universe a friendly place?" When we move into greater intimacy with our fear, we can answer "yes". Only THEN can we begin an honest meditation on abundance - in particular the abundance of that answer. 
Finally, try THIS for a little inspiration!

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