A Long Scream Down A Narrow Birth Canal

Intuition opens us to an invisible world. When we tune in, that world will start communicating to us in ways that are sometimes uncomfortable. Many of my clients these days say that they feel like they are going to burst - but they don't know what that means or how to make a change that feels overdue - they just feel that "something's gotta' give."

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Readings have revealed a spiritual invitation of a very deep nature. These feelings of stuck discomfort represent a prompting to expand - to leave the safety of whatever world or world view a client has engaged, and surrender. Surrender to what? For some to being seen; for others, becoming more conscious; for others stepping into leadership, For each person it is different, but the process of going to a new, unknown place is equally daunting for everyone. 

Here's the hard part: when we haven't been somewhere before, even if someone shows us what it will be like, we can't comprehend the new state. It's like telling a 9 year old what the world will be like post-puberty. 
There is no guarantee that what is coming will ever feel as comfortable or safe as the current reality our ego prefers. And that's the rub. Who wants to let go of the known - and trust that the blind fall into the unknown will be a better future? When the caterpillar is losing it's last legs inside the chrysalis, my hunch is that he is not thinking, "oh goody, those feet were just holding me back". 
When we finally say the magic word "yes" to the process of transformation, instead of a band of angels playing a song of congratulations, there is often a sense of loss, a disorientation, a darkness, and sometimes despair before new life shows us the potential of those wings on our backs. I call this part "A Long Scream Down a Narrow Birth Canal." 
The only thing that moves us voluntarily into this state of transformation is faith...defined this way:
"Faith is confidence in God's faithfulness to me
in an uncertain world
on an unchartered course
through and unknown future."

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