Women of the Death Vigil

Tina's grandmother, Mary, was an elegant, competent, determined woman. She was pioneering in her work in the 1940s as a traffic court reporter and a ward committeewoman for an alderman in Chicago. When Mary was in her final hours, Tina observed all of Mary's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren standing around, soothing and caring for Mary at her bedside. Suddenly, Tina began to feel the power of this ancient ritual - all the generations of women who had participated in "the death vigil.". 


Deathbed Scene

The most extraordinary part of Tina's vision is that it went backward in time and then forward. She suddenly "saw" the same "Death Vigil" on The Other Side. 

Mary's own husband, siblings, mother, father,grandparents, and great grandparents were preparing for Mary's coming to their celebration on The Other Side. What an image! While the current and future generations are saying good-bye, past generations are saying "Welcome back and Hello!" to the person who is going through the most sacred passage - death to new life. And I wonder if there are spirit friends from other lifetimes awaiting her as well?
Good-bye, Mary. Thank you for your contributions and what you have taught us by your life. Hello to those who welcome you Home. Perhaps as each of us sits at someone else's side as they are making their sacred passage, or as we make our own, we can remember that we are part of a continuum of the evolution of souls. 

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