What is Pretty Normal for those with Paranormal Gifts

As I was thinking through Jen Weigel and my event, I'm Spiritual Dammit!", (named after Jen's blog) at the Wilmette Theater on January 21st, it occurred to me how "tuned in" some people are without ever acknowledging or knowing that they are intuitively gifted. When something just comes naturally, we don't call it a gift, because it's "pretty normal" to us.


Bad Dream

One of my clients, call him "Jake", told me he would have dreams about his business meeting the next day and they would be accurate. He reported this like he was bored, "So," Jake asked casually, "What do you think? Should I tell everyone in the meeting what the outcome will be before the meeting starts so we don't have to go through it, or should I pretend I don't know and go through the motions?"

While for Jake, this was a perfectly normal and repeated phenomenon, while others might say he has "precognition". Montague Ulman wrote a book called Dream Telepathy, which is a reader-friendly description and analysis of dream experiments and their results.The question is not whether we can dream the future, the question is whether we can change reality based on what we know in advance. 
The kids I've worked with who see the future, worry about what they should do about it and blame themselves when the future arrives just as they dreamed it or as they saw it when they were daydreaming. Do you tell people when you have a vision or dream of when or how they will be sick, have an accident, meet someone important, or die at a particular time?
At The Center for Intuitive Education, more important than answers to these questions is a forum where those with intuitive gifts can ask each other about their experiences, learn from each other, and formulate their own answers...
What would you do? What do you think would happen if you told people what would happen because you knew? 

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