Mapping A New Reality

Does your faith tradition encourage you to help those who have passed by praying for them? Does it, like my Catholic tradition, encourage you to seek guidance or help from Saints? Some people are like Jenniffer Weigel, who asks her deceased dad, Tim Weigel, for help. Once I asked her if she ever sent him love to help him. She does now! It occurred to me recently when I was contacting a client's deceased nephew, that not only mediums and people with "woo woo" gifts can talk to the dead, but all of us can send love and help those on The Other Side. And those on The Other Side can send us love and help. 


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Do those on The Other Side see their side as "reality" and our side as "The Other Side" or their dream world?

And, if our prayers help those on The Other Side and their prayers or actions help us, then aren't we one big community, living in different parts of All That Is, lovingly aware of each other, and wanting to support and help each other?

But that's just how I put it together...what do you think?


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  • my husband passed suddenly...right in front of me....age 42.....
    he is here with me and ESPECIALLY with the children...we pray for his soul and that he is inthe light because I know he did not want to leave us and this was completely unexpected.....I know he prays for me and is here

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