Top Five Tips for Holiday Health for ADHD and ADD Individuals

If you or your kids are highly sensitive, intuitive, or have been described by some as "ADD", "ADHD", or some other "disorder" label (NOT MY PREFERENCE!), nutrition is particularly important. And that's tough in the holiday season, when holiday parties made almost exclusively of sugar! Here are some tips for keeping your special kids' immune systems healthy going into 2010:

Distinctive Assets At The Kid's Choice Awards

1. If your child wants juice, tell him he can have a box of juice after he has drunk a glass of water. Water fills a child's stomach and cuts down the desire for more.
2. If you are designated dessert contributor, try The Sneaky Chef or Deceptively Simple recipes that put veggies in the sugary mix. (and try substituting Stevia for sugar)
3. Consider adding this last minute gift for your youngster - a fun book called  Doc Broc, and here is a quick video for you to find out how the book helps kids understand their health. 
4. Feed your kids healthy food before they go to a holiday party, to dampen their appetite.
5. Make sure kids get to a snowy hill, hit a gym, or find another place where they can sweat out that sugar!
And Happy Healthy Holidays to you!

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