The Decade of Dreams: Living Life on Purpose

While many of us are looking back on a year of deconstruction or dismantling of former dreams, the new decade that promises 2012 is also heralding the possibility of living on purpose. I have given Readings to hundreds of people this year, and the pattern is clear: whether you have lost what you counted on, decided to leave what is no longer working, or are restless to change what is sustainable but not satisfying, your life purpose is calling.

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Business person after entrepreneur after parent after young adult have shown through their Readings that they are headed for the work and life that energizes them, opens them, that makes them feel alive. Leaving behind a sure thing, a secure thing, or a broken thing, people are jumping into the unknown with trust. This is the dance of destiny to which our new decade invites us. 

To fulfill our purpose, we are called to live it from the inside out first.
The Center for Intuitive Education is my lifelong dream. It is a dream in which people find: a more grounded understanding of the invisible realms; access to their own intuition; a pathway which releases labels of pathology; and a world open for exploration and development.
To open The Center, I have had to open my Center - my heart - and work through the fear that has found safe harbor in the shadows and reluctance to be seen, heard and understood in this  unusual work. I have finally determined that no fear will stop the fulfillment of this dream.
As my heart holds this vision at my Center, I invite others whose life purpose is also served by participation in it, to live into the questions that foster creativity, imagination, hope and the realization of our expanded capacity to know life - from the visible to the invisible. From the physical to the spiritual.
 As Goethe "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." It is the dawning of a New Decade of Living Life on Purpose.
Happy New Year!

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