Nothing Matters

When I talked with my sister-in-law at Christmas time, I asked her if anything has changed for her after she lost her house and all her belongings in a fire when she and her family were on vacation (whose cause the Fire Department has still not pinpointed), and after, in the same year, she went through painful and successful breast cancer treatment. 


UPI POY 2009 - Washington DC

She said, "Yes. I know now that nothing matters." I looked at her face to see if she meant that things were hopeless. I happen to have a lot of clients who come to me in a state of near hopelessness as they recount one tragedy after another over the past year or two. 

But her face was soft and peaceful as she declared it.  "What do you mean?" I asked.
"I know now that with three teenagers, there are a lot of perils and things that make us want to control their behavior and make them do the right thing. But you have to let them make their mistakes. I've chosen to love them. To tell them that I believe in them, that I support them, that everything will be O.K. I text that to them all the time. Because I know now that nothing matters."
Only love. 
So that's how a spirit can evolve from great tragedy to great wisdom... What a message for the New Year! Thanks, Lynn.

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