His name is Eric. It really is. He does that heroic job that only special people can do - he delivers mail, everyday, in every kind of Chicago weather. And yesterday he and his wife went over the top to assure that I retrieved an important little card.

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I had saved some cash, a little at a time over the year, to donate to my favorite non-profit, Imagine Chicago, which inspires diverse people from schools, neighborhoods, generations, and countries to solve real challenges together. 

The cash was in a little, sealed envelope inside a Christmas Card and it just said, "Dear Bliss, This is my small contribution to Imagine Chicago for this year. Happy Holidays, Therese.". 
The envelope was tucked into the hard covered folder that contained brochures for The Center for Intuitive Education, some business cards, and other papers I was bringing to Bliss Browne, founder of Imagine Chicago. 
I took the folder with me, as I was having tea with my five year old before seeing Bliss. Ana and I love our occasional, special, one-on-one time at Argo Tea! When I carefully loaded everything from snacks to extra shopping bags back in the car after our tea, I unknowingly left the folder on the back of the car - and took off. I dropped off Ana at her aunt's, and then realized I didn't have the folder! I returned to Argo Tea, looked everywhere, and realized it was gone. At Bliss's house, I apologized and told her the story. 
About an hour later, a woman named Mary called. She said her husband, Eric, had found only the envelope on the street with the name "Bliss" on it. He had opened it in hopes of finding it's owner. When he saw only a first name signature, he had called her to look up the name "Imagine Chicago" on the internet! Mail carriers have a lot more to do than call their families to track down stray envelopes in the street! Mary found it and called Bliss. When I said, "Mary, you are going straight to heaven!", she replied "Well, it's not my money!", as though dishonesty did not exist as a concept. I met Eric on his route, and he returned the envelope with all the cash inside.
Eric refused any "reward money". It was clear that, despite the fact that no one in the world would have known if he had pocketed that money and disposed of the card, he was not only doing his job, but that he was person of high integrity and a wonderful heart. Thank God for the postal workers - and particularly for Eric!
Thank you, Eric and Mary, for giving me Christmas through your kind and generous hearts!

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