A Soul Clearing Experience

You know how when you think you hear just fine, and then your ears pop, and suddenly you realize how much you couldn't hear before? Most of us walk around our crowded lives feeling "just fine" and we manage around our aches and pains trying to enjoy life. But sometimes, we just need a soul clearing experience, so we can discover that a higher quality of enjoyment is possible! I'm in one of those soul clearing experiences, here at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego.

Free Pictures | acobox.com OK, so I am talking about wheatgrass and veggie drinks, but holy cow, is my hearing and seeing getting better - and I''ve been here three days! 

They do not advertise all the miracles happening here, as people from all over the world arrive to clear out their bodies with organic, natural food. These people tell their own stories of being healed of diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, M.S., and even liver cancer. They call all disease "health opportunities" and maintain body, mind and spirit support. There's one in Austin, TX too. So, if you are serious about the quality of your life, health, and a soul level clearing, I highly recommend it!

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