The Mystery of 2012

2012 is everyone's blank canvas for predicting the end of days. There are almost 68,000 books on Amazon regarding 2012, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012!. The perspectives vary from Armageddon to a new consciousness for all.  

Free Pictures | I happened to live near New Age guru Jose Arguelles, who deciphered the Mayan Calendar In the mid-80's. He was the first to report the importance of 2012 as the end of this 25,000 year calendar. At one of his talks, he called 2012 "the end of the book of life and the beginning of the book of love." And he said there would be cataclysmic change prior to that. 

The book Serpent of Light talks about the rise of the feminine energy as we approach 2012, which certainly agrees with the Dali Lama's recent comments on that topic. Bill Gladstone recently published a book called The Twelve that tells a story about the personal journey of one man who goes around the world in search of clues that brings him to understand more deeply the meaning of 2012 for each person and his or her decision to remenber ourselves and act out of our essential nature at spiritual beings, or not.
My recommendations for this time - whether it turns out to be Armageddon or a rise to heaven for only the just and righteous - is that we remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and learning about love by our choices moment to moment. As we choose love rather than fear as the basis for our choices, then it really doesn't matter whether the end is now or then.
What are your perceptions of 2012? What books or articles do you recommend?

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