Thanksgiving Leftovers

Besides the turkey, the stuffing and the bloated belly, there are other leftovers from Thanksgiving that leave me in wonder. How do you feel after spending time with family? Better? Worse? I am grateful for the rich blessing of being part of a rich set of characters that is my family. And, I am fascinated at how I feel about myself - each year a little more distinct from the pack. 

Apricot Glazed Cornish Game Hens

Family is a power influence that can shape whether and to what extent we use our gifts - especially if our gift is closer to "woo woo" and farther from "normal". Whether we feel valued or dismissed by our families, we have the power to decide whether their approval is relevant.
Kathryn did not talk about her gifts of feeling others' feelings and thoughts until she was in her early forties because she came from a strong and prominent family of medical doctors and surgeons whose opinions about alternative healing were clear.
In a Reading with Kathryn two years ago, it was clear that her family represented the unconscious resistance she had to living her truth. In some ways they were saving her from facing her fears. In silence she decided to give thanks to her family and forgive any slights and dismissals she felt from them over the years. 
Today, Kathryn is a Reiki master and Healing Touch practitioner...and the irony is she fell in love and married a medical doctor who believes in alternative medicine. 
Thanksgiving is the holiday that just keeps giving...perspective.


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  • This article was very helpful as these are times we need some clarity on our family who can make us second guess ourselves.

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