God and The 156 Bus

Dawn called me and said, "I don't have a Bible in the house and I wouldn't call myself religious. But the other day I looked out at the beautiful leaves changing color in Lincoln Park while I waited for the bus to go downtown to work. I said, "OK, God, I know you are in charge and I'm not, but I want a sign. I want two 156 buses to to arrive one right after the other. I want the first bus to be full so I can't get on, and the second bus to have a seat for me even though it's crowded -  and then I want the second driver to be aggressive and pass the first bus." 

Free Pictures | acobox.com Within five minutes the first 156 bus arrived. Dawn was not close to the doors that opened when the bus stopped, so she could only watch the five people who stormed in, as the doors closed behind them. Dawn looked up and another 156 bus was right behind it. The bus driver looked mean and impatient. Dawn thought that was a good sign, as it might mean she was aggressive. 

The bus pulled up and the doors opened right in front of Dawn. She stepped into the very crowded bus and found a seat. ("A forward facing one," she said, "which is good because the side facing ones make me nauseous.") The bus driver pushed the gas and made it through the yellow light, then made a right turn from the left lane and passed the first driver right up.
"See?" said Dawn. "There is a God. And even though we aren't in charge, everything is going to be just fine." 
Thanks for the theology lesson, Dawn!


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  • hmmm pretty cool ...just think what you could manifest if you "really put your mind to it" ... :)

  • In reply to deniseguzzardo:

    no kidding! Why is it we can manifest parking spots and buses, but not our life's work, soulmate, or the financial abundance that we insist we want?

  • Therese, The title alone reminded me of that encounter on a Chicago bus I had with a woman, whom if she wasn't the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary, she had to have been an angel over my shoulder. This was 14 years ago when I was in high school, but I relive it almost ever day and it remains so vivid in my mind to date. Maybe it helps that I wrote about it in my show, In The Dark so I relive it with each performance.

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