Delay the Mammogram but Go For the Thermogram

According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (yep, it's her real name!) "Research ...demonstrated that adding a thermogram to breast exam and conventional mammogram increases the ability to find cancer early -- do something about it -- to 95%." Thermography is non-invasive, has no side effects, and has been approved by the FDA since 1983.

5/11/97 Cindy Crawford at the Revlon Run/Walk to benefit breast cancer at UCLA

My intuition told me a long time ago to research alternatives to mammography. I have had friends who have had invasive and expensive tests, lots of scary moments, and some who have lopped off their breast from the fear that they might get cancer in the future. 
Regular thermography screenings gives more detailed, developmental, and helpful information than mammograms, so there are fewer scary, big surprises. It is said to be complementary to and not a replacement for Mammography...but you'd have to talk to the practitioners to find out what goes on behind official reports.
I've been getting Thermograms for several years through the Optimum Health Clinic in the Bay Area, though there are several clinics in Chicago that also offer them. Thermography gives clear, visual information as to whether a lump is fibrocystic, and may be influenced by the regulating of caffeine and chocolate (darn!), or whether it is a live tumor that has a blood supply. 

As reported by The New England Journal of Medicine, mammograms have a 30% chance of false-positives for women between 40-69 years of age, and The National Cancer Institute says that one in five cancers may be missed by mommography. Dr. TenPenny reports, "By the time a mammogram locates a tumor, it has been growing for at least 5 years."

Thank God we have Thermography for early detection. Ladies, look into it for your own peace of mind!


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  • Thanks, I just sent this to a friend who had a close call. We need to keep each other aware of our options.

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