Work and Life Mission: Not Always a Non-Stop Flight

Yesterday, a client I'll call Susan, said she has been faithfully investing her time and energy manifesting work that is what she calls her "life mission". Currently, finances are dwindling and she's afraid if she takes another job, she'll be a sell out. Susan asked me: "Should I borrow money to continue investing in my dream, or 'cave' and make money doing something that isn't my long term 'mission', but is more lucrative, and frankly, less stressful?"  Believe it or not, a Past Life story offered Susan what she needed to decide...

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In Reading Susan's energy, I saw a past life story where she looked up at the spires of the Cathedral, and saw how very grand it was. For her, it represented a God for the upper class, who could reach that high in life. 
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In this lifetime, Susan was concerned for the common worshipper who might want to see themselves represented in a story that touched their hearts in a simpler way. So, Susan talked a Bishop in the Catholic Church into letting her carve stories in relief sculpture inside a Cathedral instead of outside. 
In present time, Susan is asking whether she should keep "aspiring" to her grand call, or whether it was OK to do some common work and feel more "relieved", grounded, and financially supported before attending to another level of work she felt called to.
Spirit is a companion of the heart, not the "shoulds" of our mind. Spirit honors our timing. In this human journey, there are insights and learning to be gained by the brief exchange of a smile at a difficult time or an act of kindness like not shouting back at a driver who is angry about how you drive. 
We are learning about all aspects of love in our lifetimes - and our career is not the only one, nor often, the most important. At a time when many of us have the opportunity to rethink and reshape our work so it aligns more with our heart, we must also remember to be patient with ourselves - and remember that every day and in every moment that we choose to be mindful, we are doing our work and fulfilling our mission.

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