Top Five Things to Know about Ghosts

I felt peaceful as we looked at the full moon reflected in the still lake, surrounded by tall trees. The funny and adventurous I'm Spiritual Dammit blogger, Jen Weigel said, "I heard this place is haunted. Let's go look for ghosts!" I was horrified: "I'm outta' here!" "Therese, you talk to dead people all the time, what's the deal?" "Yes," I replied, "I talk to them when I call them in. I don't go looking for them in their neighborhood. I'm scared of ghosts!!!" Listen, there is a difference between ghosts (several of whom I've helped cross over) and those who are in the Light (to whom I talk all the time in Readings)...

Free Pictures | The best resource on ghosts I've found is "When Ghosts Speak" by Mary Winkowski, upon whom the television show Ghost Whisperers was modeled. Here are five things you should know about ghosts, in my experience and according to Ms. Winkowski: 

  1. Ghosts cannot help you - until they go to the Light, they are neutral or negative influences
  2. Using Wigi boards can call in ghosts - and since ghosts aren't helpful - don't do it!!!
  3. Ghosts cannot hear your thoughts, but they can hear what you say and write 
  4. Ghosts grow more powerful through your negative emotions so they will help create things that make you frustrated (e.g. electronics problems)- if you stay positive, ghosts will find another haunt!
  5. Helping Ghosts to go to the Light is much like Catholics when we pray for "the poor souls in Purgatory"
This Halloween, positively intend or pray your Ghosts into the Light!

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