Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and American Values

Maybe the anger expressed against President Obama's Peace Prize has everything to do with the fact that American values are not the same as other countries - the other countries who clearly stated their values through the selection of Obama as the distinguished winner.

President Obama Signs Executive Order In East Room Of White House

Several years ago, I was working in Europe as a business consultant and experienced the slow 

service in an Italian restaurant. I suggested to a native Italian that there were ways to make the 
customer service more focused and efficient. He suggested that, contrary to American ideas, many 
Europeans thought that relationship and friendship were more important than efficiency.

It reminded me of the basics of developing intuition, which requires not only the ability to 
"listen into" my truth, but to be sensitive to and respectful of others' world view and 
assumptions as well. Tuning into others' ideas, wants, and needs is the basis of good relationshipand the foundation for greater harmony.

What if we stop reacting based on our fears or anger, and instead try to understand what the judgesfound in President Obama's work that was worthy of conferring the Peace Prize? Wouldn't that be abetter place to start than the assumption that our world view and our values are the same as the 
rest of the world?

In fact, I believe that is why President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize... because he exemplifies
someone who exhibits a sensitivity to the values of other countries, which opens dialogue toward
friendship and lays the groundwork for cooperation - and furthers peace.

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