Leading with the Power of Angels

Laura Derocher sings "If we don't lead with the Power of Angels, who will?" on her earliest CD "A Song of My Own". Leadership used to be all about the best man in the room. Now, it appears, it's all about women and their power. Try this tidbit from the Women's Conference in LA in September. It's long, but worth every minute! 

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Half the Sky Foundation did a global study on poverty. Their finding is that the best way to erradicate poverty is support and fund women and their projects. And, remember what the Dalai Lama said: "The Western Woman will Save the World!
So Let's Go, Women! Tell me how you are using your power in the world!
A shout out to all the men who have supported and made possible this historic moment of possibility for women - most particularly, my Dad - who I wave to from down here to up there!

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