Help with the Work Blues from Past Lives

Yesterday, a senior level executive, Sondra, came to get a Reading and said she felt uncharacteristically tired and was less enthused about her work, which typically jazzed her. If I weren't an intuitive, I would chalk it up to a bad economy and the resultant stress. Instead, I relayed to her, as I did to Dr. Oz on his radio show, that there were connections between past lives and current work life that might just help.
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I could "See" that Sondra defined herself by her ability to fix almost anything or anyone - through focus, force, discipline and determination. Immediately, I felt a sense of exhaustion. 
Next - and this is hard to imagine - the image of Quan Yin appeared, who is called the female Buddha and the heart of compassion. Sheesh! I had no idea what Sondra's faith tradition was, or whether she would be mightily offended if I told her about this - but I plunged in anyway, committed to being honest about what I See...but first, I told her what I gathered about why this image showed up.
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"You are very hard on yourself," I said. "It is a strategy you have used to earn love and to survive when there was no one to help you. You have perfected this strategy and used it to excel in your field. Now, however, you are being invited onto a kinder path - where the challenge is to befriend and find compassion for yourself. Quan Yin (I explained who she is) is present with you. You had a past life with her where you were tending her garden and were devoted to her. She is here to guide you toward self-compassion, which will result in more satisfying relationships at work and even change the way you prioritize and focus at work. In addition, you will feel less exhausted when you stop 'funding the strategy' of earning the love you already possess - and that possesses you." Then I aligned her energy, and she said she suddenly felt calmer. Then Sondra said something quite curious: 
"I have a two foot, jade statue of Quan Yin in my garden and I never knew why I was so attracted to her. I never knew anything about her until now. I was just drawn to buy the statue and put her in my garden."
So, Dr. Oz and my fellow, stressed-out work buddies, that's just one way past lives can help you with your current work life!

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