Free Psycho, Psychic, Energy Healing ... What?

When I was invited to speak at the Psychotronics Association Annual Conference on Multi-Sensory Children, I had to ask: "Psycho what?" I thought at first they'd found me out and that I was to speak to "my own kind" (psychos) or perhaps I would be fortunate enough to be speaking with other psychics. As it turns out, the audience was mostly superspsychic and very brainiac...some of whom offer free on-line healing programs...

Walking among this crowd was like being transported to a Star Trek production- with all the Galactic Ambassadors present for roundtable discussion.While they offered talks and workshops about the fields of radionics and homeopathy, most were pioneers of leading edge science - who were showing a variety of bio-technologies that utilized electromagnetic frequencies to heal, purify, detoxify, balance, and wash your dishes. OK, so not wash your dishes - but it was more scientifically based than any Whole Life Expo I've ever attended. And although I'm pretty technologically savvy, I found myself slowly backing out of some of the main sessions from lack of appropriate prerequisites to the discussion. Then I found out that the underpinnings of all this technology was the commonly held belief that our intentions and free will set into motion everything we do and build. That eased my embarrassment... a little.
Then to my great delight, one of the attendees at my workshop was a Russian mathematician, and he recommended a fabulous site where you can buy DVDs that "effect energy and healing in digital form" through your laptop, even when it's in background mode. They have free links that I find quite potent! Go to qwave first for a bit of an explanation, and then link to energytechnologies. Tell me about your experience with it.
 And please don't hesitate to ask me how my magnificent talk on Multi-Sensory Children (psychic kids) fit into this highly techie conference! Do you have energy and healing recommendations?

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