Dead People Aren't Always That Easy to Read

Some people can see and hear dead people like Jennifer Love Hewitt's character on Ghost Whisperers. I'm a medium who is more like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost when she's telling Demi Moore what Patrick Swayze said - I mostly hear them. Sometimes dead people speak in words and sometimes they give impressions or symbols. Interpreting those symbols has a lot to do with personal "filters". For example...


One day, a woman wanted to contact her brother who died suddenly at the age of 25. I saw whirling smoke everywhere. Being the Holy Joe I am, I said, "He must be very religious, like Buddhist or something, because there is incense everywhere. Wow!" I moved my inner lens closer to the young man and suddenly stopped. "Oh." I said flatly. And then I pinched my forefinger and thumb together and pretended to take a long drag on a joint. "That's him!" she yelled and laughed. "He was such a pothead!" 
Interpretation is everything... 

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