Are Your Kids ADD, ADHD, or Intuitively/Psychically Gifted?

 I started Reading kids' energy a few years ago, and found that many children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or mild Autism, were actually intuitively and spiritually gifted...what?


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As an "intuitive practitioner" and a medium, I articulate patterns of belief and behavior which form the basis of challenges, and realign energy to bring peace and clarity. In addition to being a medium and intuitive, I also have 25 years experience consulting with corporate leaders on change, and have taught Leadership and Transformation at top Universities. And, boy, do we need some leadership and change now!

The National Association of Gifted Children and Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted Children report that gifted children are being misdiagnosed and given prescription drugs which inhibit their ability to function and develop their gifts.  In my work, it is clear that young people who are intuitive, psychic, and/or spiritually gifted also demonstrate symptoms listed under "learning disorders." Sometimes they are "acting out" based on their abilities to see, hear, or sense people's thoughts or feelings, the future, or who will die next - just to name a few intuitive gifts.

Intuition is a normal brain and spiritual development. Don't you feel that way - intuitively? Some people are more intuitively gifted than others. What if we explore and learn more about giftedness and non-drug options in nutrition, environment, and education, rather than risk our children's future on unknown side effects of psychotropic drugs?

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I have lots of compassion for parents who choose medication - many of whom feel few other options - and have seen positive behavior results. 2.5 million children are prescribed psychotropic drugs for ADHD alone, and that a "small percentage, 1.8%" have died from cardiac arrest as a side effect.

If my math serves me, that "small percentage" equals 45,000 children diagnosed with ADHD alone dying from cardiac arrest as a side effect of psychotropic drugs.

The Swine Flu was declared an epidemic, and there have been 30,000 cases globally and 145 deaths. Where is the worldwide outcry about sudden death side effect for among children begin prescribed drugs whose long term impacts are unknown and which have not been tested in children or approved by the FDA for use in children, according to The National Institute of Mental Health?

If these drugs are the best strategy we can come up with when we use our logical and analytical minds to solve behavior problems, why don't we try using our common sense, intuition, and creativity for finding other ways to support learning and development in these children?

When it comes to intuitive intelligence, Folks, it's time to move from paranormal to pretty normal and employ our intuition to address the most important global challenges - our kids, our future.

 So let's go. What's your experience? Send in your comments, questions, and  recommendations - we are in this together!


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  • Hi Therese
    Both my son and husband had been 'diagnosed' ADD about 7 years ago. My husband tried all the different meds available and eventually decided they were a health risk for him. My son was 16 and we gave him the choice to try meds. He felt they (first Concerta then Adderall)helped him focus in school, although the previous year he was a member of the running team and he experienced greater focus and less frustration. The plan was to wean himself after college. He is now 23 and working to incorporate lifestyle changes like omega 3 supplements, vigorous exercise, regular use of hypnosis and energy tapping in place of meds. He tells us being medicated allowed him to experience what he could strive for, gave him a sort of compass.

  • Congrats, Lili. Sounds like your husband used his intuition to decide about his own situation, and that you were thoughtful and are working holistically with your son. The supplements, energy psychology and exercise are great -- martial arts and yoga are also helpful because they balance, center, and ground kids, and teach them to move with their body, instead of a-head of the it.

    I wonder about other parents' experience with alternatives?

  • fb_avatar

    Wow, this is a mind blowing article! Im looking for any research on the correlation between children with ADHD and Medium abilities. My tween son has been taking Vyvanse for a few years to be able to focus his attention and energy in school and sports. It helps but then at the end of the day he says he see's and hears things and cant get much rest. Its even worse if he forgets to take his medicine. Any suggestions on how my son can control his down time and say tune down or control his medium abilities so that he can rest. We have been trying melatonin, which helps some nights but not always.

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