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DMV nightmare

I’ve just been to the DMV and now I feel like I need anti-depressants! I really truly believe that this is one of the stereotypes of the American worker that we got right! The whole miserable experience should have been captured on a WHAT NOT TO DO DMV training video. So….  we all know they... Read more »

Christmas is over, now what?

On the 12th day after Christmas won’t someone please help me…. take down the Muther F***** Christmas tree…  On the 12th day after Christmas should it really be a fight?  To put away these f***** Christmas lights… Okay, so I guess TECHNICALLY it’s like the 14th day after Christmas, but really…  why won’t someone help... Read more »

Dog strollers .... awwww... how utterly ridiculous!

I am about to perhaps piss some people off with what I am about to say. WHY THE BLEEP IS YOUR DOG IN A STROLLER? I’m sorry.  It’s bad enough I have to get barked at when I am strolling through the parking lot of my favorite Jewel.  Or distracted by your three dogs in... Read more »

Taxi Troller

A Beautiful country day.  Leaves falling all around, sun shining, driving my minivan (I like to call it red racer) with the windows down, my dirty blondish hair whipping me in the face (ouch)….  DING DING DING DING DING… mayday mayday.. My car is trying to tell me something.  Smoke is pouring out of the... Read more »

Pricks and Bastards

“Mom I don’t really know what this word means, but I think L** is a prick”. My mouth hung open, I couldn’t breathe from the laughter inside.  Why on earth was my child using this word to describe someone I had been dating on and off for two years? Well, I knew why, but I... Read more »

Time is what you make it..for Donna Moncivaiz

Thumbnail image for 'Time is what you make it..for Donna Moncivaiz'
A fellow Chicagonow blogger passed away a week ago.  We were asked to share one of her posts on our blogs.  I am happy to do this.  I didn’t know Donna Moncivaiz, who wrote the blog “Your Tan May Be Killing You” but this says it all.  RIP.   Time is precious.  If I could only... Read more »

Men and middle fingers on the road. STOP!

Okay men. What is the problem?  I seem to be getting the bird an awful lot these days.  Yes, I drive like shit.  Maybe some days it’s too fast.  Some days it’s too slow.  I can’t win.  I don’t want to be driving.  I know you are frustrated with my skills.  You see my van,... Read more »

not only the miserable are annoyed... we all have that LINE BETWEEN OUR EYES

When I blog, I feel like all I am doing is bitching. And I am starting to wonder if it is helping.  Anybody. Especially myself. I get ideas for blogs everywhere.  And I actually write them in my head, because I am never at a computer when I need to be.  This makes me wonder,... Read more »

We are all really really good at something

Okay, so I’m a little late with this post.. over 12 hours late… which goes against one of the things I think I am quite good at.  Being on time! I thought about this challenge when I saw it, and made a list in my head of the things I think I am really good... Read more »

Mom's are NOT cruise directors during summer break... (who am I kidding, yes we are).

“What are we going to do today Mom?” I know many of you are in the same boat as me, hearing that line every morning. I never in a million years would ask my mom what I should do on a summer day.  If I did ask her, I am 100% positive her answer would... Read more »