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We are all really really good at something

Okay, so I’m a little late with this post.. over 12 hours late… which goes against one of the things I think I am quite good at.  Being on time! I thought about this challenge when I saw it, and made a list in my head of the things I think I am really good... Read more »

Mom's are NOT cruise directors during summer break... (who am I kidding, yes we are).

“What are we going to do today Mom?” I know many of you are in the same boat as me, hearing that line every morning. I never in a million years would ask my mom what I should do on a summer day.  If I did ask her, I am 100% positive her answer would... Read more »

Game of Thrones finale... don't read if you don't want to be "spoiled"

Quit reading this if you are going to get pissed about a Game of Thrones spoiler. I was online last night and somehow I spoiled the season finale for myself. I wasn’t looking for it.  I don’t even remember how it came to be on my phone, but there it was, like a knife in... Read more »

A ranting blog and biting my tongue about the Stanley cup

Hmmmmmm…. what to rant… I mean write about?? The Stanley cup crazies (sorry, but I think it’s a little weird to want to get a photo with a trophy), the online website dating mess of men (maybe women too but I don’t have experience with that) who have NO PATIENCE, my daughter’s desire… uh.. I... Read more »

Quit controlling my condiments!

There seems to be a horrific injustice going on all around us. I went to a fake mexican fast food place yesterday (okay we all know it’s taco bell) ordered me up some TACOS…. 3 to be exact (one for each of us) and asked for mild sauce. I opened my bag and lo and... Read more »

I don't heart Cupid!

Okay Cupid.  You are a little asshole this year.  It’s bad enough that you show your cute little cherub face all full of love once a year, stressing everyone out, singles as well as coupled.  But this year you are doing it all on a SATURDAY!  Are you kidding me?   You know what you... Read more »

The Grammys through a young eye

So I watched the Grammys last night.  With my tweens.  And watching the show sitting between the two of them goes something like this:   (their comments are in quotations) ACDC comes out.  I am clapping and smiling and dancing enjoying everything about this rock and roll nostalgia.    “Why are they moving so slow?”    “And... Read more »

Barbara Walter's Fascination

I am so disappointed in Barbara Walters. And I KNOW I am not alone. THE MOST FASCINATING PERSON OF THE YEAR…… really????   Really?   I may not understand the word fascinating.  That has to be it. I sat last night wating excitedly for the #1 spot to be revealed in the annual Barbara Walters special.  (Yeah,... Read more »

Thanksgiving Tips for the unprepared

4 more days people.  Just 4 more days. Have you been out buying your sticks of butter and your cans of sweet potatoes?  Or are you going to wait til Wednesday  night at 5:30 like most everyone else?  Either way, I hope you all have your recipes ready and your sanity close by… along with... Read more »

There is nothing wrong with Kim K and her bootie

I was in the car the other day when I heard about Kim K’s bootie, once again.  My 12 year old was with me.  There were all sorts of females absolutely LIVID about Kim K. and her ability to make a living doing “nothing” calling in to complain to the radio personalities. Here’s the deal. ... Read more »