Would you let a gay person in your home?

"Would you let a gay person in your home?"

Wow.  When a friend of mine asked that question, I was shocked.  Deep down appalled.  Was this person for real?  I just laughed and blew it off.  And said "Of course".

I have come so far in my life.  I started out in a family that used the N word. My father talked about different nationalities like there was something wrong with them.  And forget about being gay.  That was used as an insult thrown at someone you were mad at.

So I have definitely come a long way.  I like to think it's because I ran far away when I turned 18.  I went west.  All the way to California.

There I found my way.  I was thrown into what to me seemed like Mexico.  I took a bus with the Mexicans.  I learned  Spanish words.  Sure.  I was scared.  I'm not gonna lie.  I had never even seen a real Mexican restaurant until then.  We had maybe one Spanish kid  in our school.  I realized how little I knew about the real world.  And I learned some lessons the hard way.  By saying innapropriate things.  But I honestly didn't know any better.

Now I do.

I have come to accept EVERYONE.  I have people in my life who are Gay.  I have people in my life who are Black.   I have people in my life who have green eyes.  I have people in my life who have brown eyes.   I have people in my life who are atheist (although this one is the hardest to accept, you know, because of their eternal damnation to hell and all).   I have people in my life who have two faces.  The point is, is that I understand that people can be brought up with intolerance.  And fear.  But I am so surprised that in this day and age of the internet, where every type of person is available for us to experience, that such comments still exist.

"Would you let a gay person in your home?"  Seriously?

I know people that pop prescription pills like they are smarties.  I know people who drink every day at 3:00 p.m.   I know pot smokers.  I know people who have very questionable sex with strangers.  I know people who are on Link.  I know people who are lazy bums who don't try to succeed.  I know hard working people that try to always do the right thing.  Or at least try to APPEAR to always do the right thing.   I know millionaires.  I know cheap millionaires who don't even have central air in their home.  I know people who have all sorts of sexual fetishes.   Remember all the threesomes I talked about?

I know everyone.  I know every kind.  I don't judge.  I try not to.   Sure, sometimes it feels to easy to be judgmental about the way someone is living their life.  Then I stop and think about my life.   I am no better than anyone, and deep down, no different.  We all want the same thing.  Happiness.  Peace.  Love.   Life.  We are all the same.  We just do things differently, or were born to look and talk different.

My parents didn't teach me this so I had to learn this on my own.  I am so glad I have such a diverse range of people.  I sometimes feel like it's not diverse enough.... and then I get a stupid comment like "would you let a gay person in your home?"

I am proud of my acceptance of everyone.   I am proud that I talk to my children about things.  All things.  My youngest  children are 10 and 11 and know about taking the baby medicine to stop yourself from having a baby.  (They don't know you need a penis and a vagina to make a baby, but they know there is a pill to stop it).  My kids know about drugs.  And alcohol.  And Chinese.  And Japanese.  And African.  And Mexican.  And Indian.  And French.  And Polish. And Russian.  And gay.

My youngest daughter said "I am German and Polish and English and Irish and French Indian and American, right?"  I told her not to forget "human".

Because that's what we all are.  Human.

"Would you let a gay person in your home?"    Not only would I let them in, but I would sit down and have dinner with them.  And hopefully get invited to their wedding.

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  • They need to know about that penis and vagina thing. The sooner the better, before they start trying to figure that out on their own.

    But otherwise, good article. Such a simple lesson, but so hard to learn.

  • Holy-Moly...... There IS Hope!

    Thanx for a great article.......

  • of course there is hope! :) and thank you.. glad you enjoyed it!!

  • Was this a female friend that asked? Maybe she was just hitting on you?

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    why yes it was!! Now I understand why she asked me!!!

  • Vicki, you just told my story. I was raised by borderline sociopaths and this may sound crazy, but one of the best things to happen to me was to go into drug rehab. Not only did I learn a better way to live, but the rehab I was in was multicultural, so I got to see that my parents were wrong. Now as you said, I realize that I am no better than anyone else, and God has done so much for me, that I try to concentrate on others. My mom has practically disowned me for this but I pray for her and am so happy and grateful to be the way I am now

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