Women love the cocky ones don't we!

"Women love a man with confidence".

Do we?  Of course.  And it seems we also love a douchebag who walks around thinking he is king of our worlds.

I am going to share something (surprise surprise) that I have been dealing with.  In the hopes that it may help me, and maybe some other penis whipped woman, to see that I am just a pawn in a game that was thrust upon me.

I have been seeing (yes stupid me was still seeing as late as last night) a man who told me right out that he wants to date whomever he pleases, isn't inerested in exclusiveness but would still love to have me in his life.  It's been four months.  And just when I get one leg out the door, he will call and invite me out for dinner and a motorcycle ride.  And let me drive his cycle. And play me love songs on his guitar.  Yes. Sometimes we (me) women are stupid.

The reason I say he is a dbag, is because, well, he is.  But to his defense I have allowed him to be one in my life.  He is also dating a friend of mine.  Long long  story...  we actually met through him.   She and I made plans to go to the movie tomorrow night, and he has the nerve to invite himself along.  And she wants to know if we should let him!!   I texted her back and said if he wants to go and pay for both of our ways then sure.   Then I thought about it and realized what idiots we are for even toying with the possibility of him sitting in the middle of our movie night.  Why are we giving him so much power?

And I know why.  Because women are pathetic.  And there seems to be a shortage of men out there apparently.  Wait, this isn't true. We are not pathetic.  Damn it!!  I have come a long way in my life with men and why on earth I am letting this person treat me like an extra in his life movie is a question I take to bed almost every night.  And I'm not alone.  Well, mostly I'm alone.  Because he is out wooing someone else.

He actually had the nerve to tell me yesterday that he may start up a volleball team this summer and just put all the women he is dating on it.  And he was all smiles and smirking when he told me this.  I know, he sounds so gross!

Well after I hear of this,  I of course let him buy me dinner and drinks and sing me those stupid sappy 80's rock songs on his beat up old guitar.  Is this what I deserve?

I hope not.  Why then do I keep going back for more?  I know a little of the answer.  It's because he is so stupidly cocky about all of this.  And no matter what age we are, sometimes our cavegirl instincts kick in and we want a neanderthal to drag us around by our hair and tell us where in the cave we will sleep.

If my daughters even put up with this from a boy for even one day, I would lecture them til I was blue about how you should never put up with anything less than the best from anyone, and if you do, you get what you deserve.

So here I sit on a Saturday night with my kids, while he is probably out buying some other woman the gourmet cupcakes I turned him onto.

I should probably hide myself in shame, but I am sure that many of you have been in dating situationships maybe not exactly like this, but ones that were questionable.  And ones that made you look in the mirror and go ICK.  I know that what I need to do is look at him and go ICK and stop the insanity.


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  • Now some advice I'm sure you won't take, but that never stopped me. We've all done something that we would tell other women to never do. It hurts but just for the sake of your mental and emotional health let him go. Never knowingly share a man. Especially with a "friend". Let him go it'll suck for a while but I believe you'll feel better. A man should cherish you, and make you think you're the only one, whether you are or not, you deserve so much more. Free advice, worth every penny.

  • In reply to Ninnafaye:

    great advice.. I am trying to take it! :)

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