Joys of Dating

Oh the joys of dating.

The many many joys of dating that new special person who could be.. yes... he could be...  "THE ONE "..   (the one?  the one you settle for?)...

To be honest I actually like the idea that there is A ONE perfectly perfect  person especially made for you.  Well this isn't about that.  This is about the joys of dating.  Like I said.  And there are many.  Well there can be many.

There is the joy of finding out that this person is a great kisser.  Always a plus.  The joy of having nice dinner plans instead of just grabbing taco bell.. although I am also a big fan of the quick bucket of chicken together!   There is also the joy of anticipation.  Of what might come.

But what about the  joy of finding out that the person you have been seeing ALOT of for the past two months has been seeing a lot of you... but maybe too much of other people too.  But hey, it's new so you hang in there.  Afterall, it's so nice to get the butterflies when you get a text from someone who really does it for you.   So you hang in there.....but for how long?  This is where it gets confusing.   And puts a damper in your joy.

When is the time that dating someone becomes an actual relationship?  When do you consider all the texts, kisses, meals shared, movies watched, drinks spilled, motorcycle rides and  late night sing star competitions all the makings of a real relationship?  I mean, yes we are dating, but aren't we also in a relationship?

I have seen the dirty dishes in your sink, spent enough  time at your place to notice all the cobwebs in the corners of your window sills, seen your box of secrets and tasted your morning breath.  Can you really not consider this a relationship?

Do you have to explain to me where you are when we are not together?  No, I don't need to know every detail.  But if this is a relationship and we are doing more than "dating" then yes, I would like to know what you did to fill your time for the 12 hours I was blowing up your phone... with no response.  (I swear I'm not a psycho..I know some of you can hear the screetching  Norman Bates knife sound right now).   If you say to me that you don't have to answer to me about what you do  when we are not together then you should probably quit coming around so much.

Maybe I don't want to be in a relationship with you.  I probably don't even want to DATE you.

It could be time for me to find a new joy.

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