January 1st should probably just be taken off the calendar

It's been almost 48 hours of 2014.

I was thinking about my first full day of the new year and what I did and what I learned.  Here's my very well educated thoughts about New Year's day....

1.  you are never too old to lay in bed with 2 other people and watch FRIENDS all day.  In fact, being slightly hungover makes you laugh a little louder

2.  pizza places DO run out of pepperoni on January 1st...  which makes me realize a lot of you are eating pepperoni on your first day of the new year thus breaking your "I'm gonna be a vegetarian" resolution

3.  I think water consumption is definitely down that day.. I know of at LEAST 7 people who did not shower yesterday

4.  Ditto for toothpaste

5.  If it's gonna snow a shitload of snow, January 1st is the best day to have it come down

6.  Omelettes aren't necessarily a great new years day breakfast, especially if you rang in the new year with purple cocktails

7.  Tap water in a coke bottle somehow isn't as gross when that's your only option for hydration

8.  No matter how old you are your mother will be looking for you when you ignore your phone for 12 hours straight

9.  I'm glad my birthday isn't January 1st

10.  Working out on January 1st is pretty much getting up to eat a couple of times

11.  January 2nd is a GREAT day to start all your resolutions

12.  Turkey legs apparently fly


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