Bowling and waffle fries = saturday night in suburbia

Two Saturday nights in a row BOWLING...   what has my life become?  I look to the left of me.. and there are teenagers.   Sitting on each other's laps eating fries.  And kissing in between kectchup dips.  They look all of 14.. which scares me because I will have one of those in three years.   I look to the righ  and there is a family..  dad, two older brothers and a five year old girl.  Her hair looks like it hasn't been brushed since Friday morning.  Weekend dad I think to myself.   Not sure why I bothered to brush mine for this.  Not sure how I managed to get to a bowling alley two saturday nights in a row.  The one I can understand.  I had my kids.  But to willingly participate in this sans children on a perfectly perfect saturday night is a mystery to me.

The things I do for a friend.  It was his idea.  Must have been all the white russians we consumed that put us in this Big Lebowski mood.  Well.. put HIM.  I just came for the beer.  Pitchers of beer.

We decide to have a little bowling competition.  I am positive I can win.  Afterall, I was in a bowling leauge in 7th grade.  But as I grab my 10 pounder.. and head to the line..  and release it.. HORROR.  I should have gotten bumpers.  It goes right in the gutter.

Then my so called "friend" bowls a strike.  And tells me about his bowling trophies at his mom's house.  What a loser.. I'm thinking.  Now my competitive side kicks in.  Big time!!  So I grab my beer and guzzle it down in about 10 seconds.. and head up to bowl again.

My vision seems a little blurry this time.  The ball is headed straight down the middle.  STEEERIKE!!

Take that Lebowski!!    

I grab more beer.  Starting to enjoy the atmosphere more and more with each cold gulp.

"THEY have waffle fries"... my friend  yells  from across the alley.  Now I know why the Gods brought me here to this place.  On a saturday night.  And I suddenly feel guilty for thinking only simple midwesterners with nothing else to do came here.

Then it really hits me.. the euphoria I feel as they turn down the lights and announce its time for glo bowl!!  with red lazer lights to make you dizzy.  In case the beer isnt working!   We forget all about trying to get strikes and beating each other.. and instead turn our focus on trying  to  get the ball down the right alley.

By the end of the night.. after having four games under our belts.. and about the same amount of pitchers..   we decided to go to the lounge connected to the place and check out the band...

Now I'm glad I actually put lipstick on for this.  Nightlife.  Singing. Dancing.  Did I mention the bar fight?  The one between the 40 something woman, all her friends.. and 3 young 20 something boys?   Ahhhh.. midwest at it's best.

I wonder what Don Carter would have thought of all this craziness???

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