Bright Young Things.... it could be worse

Okay.  I'm sorry, but as a mother of 3 girls, one of which is rump deep in VS underwear, I have to say people are getting crazy over nothing.

The new slogan "Bright Young Things" that is for the new VS spring collection  under their Pink line is not degrading.  They said "Bright" as in "intelligent, smart, college going".  It doesn't say "Hot Young Things or "Pretty Young Things".   It says bright.

Sometimes I think people get their panties all bent out of shape about these things.  I defnitely don't want my daughters being exploited or viewed only as beautiful sex objects, but honestly, what's wrong with being viewed as that?  I mean, women are beautiful.  Nobody is (hopefully) telling their daughters to grow up and only worry about being pretty.  But there is nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty. And wanting to have cute sayings on your undies.  NO,  I don't want my 9 year old wearing "sexy young thing" on her undies, but as long as you are raising your girls the right way, and with a little fun, what is the harm in it saying "call me?"  It doesn't mean that they are necessarily out there showing them off to all the boys in the school yard.  Let's face it.  We as girls/ women tend to  buy things for ourselves and even our other girlfriends.  It's sometimes fun to show each other our cute or funny underwear.  I bought my best friend some wonder woman underwear for her 40th birthday.  I thought it was cute.  We laughed.  And we laughed even harder when I made her some twilight underwear with edwards face on them and wrote "bite me" on the butt.  I didn't expect her to go show everyone at the office what she may have been hiding under her work clothes.

The world is full of beauty.  We don't need to constantly be taking the uglyl/ beautiful issue to such extremes.  Can't we ever just enjoy it?  As long as we are teaching our girls to not be  JUST PRETTY or SEXY, then I don't see what the harm is.  As long as they are well rounded individuals that have a brain and use it, then I say go ahead and wear silly underwear.  It doesn't define you.  Of course not.  And if a parent is doing their job right, then the girls will know this. Just as I wouldn't want my daughters to be defined by their looks, I also wouldn't want them to just be judged by their brains.  I mean, some people are defnitely smarter than others, and sometimes it's nothing you can change.  That doesn't mean that Betty, who is studying to be a lawyer, is any better than Monika, who is a model.

My 22 year old has all kinds of underwear on them with messages to boys.  That doesn't mean that she puts them on in the morning with her mind set on showing them off to a boy that day.  It's all for her.  And it makes her feel good and giggle with the sillly , okay , sexual message.  It's really not a big deal.  My daughter is intelligent. She's funny, She's smart.  And she's very sexy and beautiful and I like her VS underwear.  Her sisters are 9 and 11 and I wouldn't have a problem with them seeing these underwear.  They are always asking me "why do girls worry about buying pretty underwear and bras, nobody sees them anyway".  See?  They are innocent.  And if they did have some sayings on them, they wouldn't think it was for a boy to see.   Just them.  And their friends.

They hear all these things in songs on the radio anyway.  It's impossible to shield them from everything.  Keep the communication open, and you can raise a smart and even sexy girl.  There is nothing wrong with becoming a sexy woman.  Nothing at all.  If you know when and where to use it.

I have a problem with all sorts of things that girls seem to be programmed to be.  But sometimes I worry that we are so afraid to let our girls think it's okay to look good that they will think it's wrong to want to look good.  And there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good.  As long as that is not all you have.  There has to be so much more inside for it to work on the outside anyway.  We've all met very attractive people that after seeing them again and again, the only thing we start to see is their insides.   And that can make them or break them.  My kids know this.  I tell them all the time when they are being "ugly" on the inside, which is making them ugly on the outside.  And I firmly believe that.

So let's unbunch our panties and quit obsessing on silly underwear.

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