texting and dating don't go hand in hand

This modern texting slash dating thing is whack.  That's all I have to say.  The last time I dated, we didn't have texting.   I had an answering machine...   and it was exciting to come home and see my little light blinking and pushing play and hear the voice on the other end...Now..  I check my phone throughout the day to see if anybody was thinking of me.

It's usually NO.  And sometimes I call time and temp to make sure my phone is working.. or text a friend and tell them I think my texting is broken.. because I haven't gotten a text all day.

It's so stupid.  I hate this.  I hate that I have fallen into the trap of the modern technology.  I wish we didn't all have cell phones attached to us.

And i'ts so hard to believe someone when they say,  "my phone was charging" or "the battery died".  Yeah.. you're battery died.. for two days?   Idiot.

I really hate the person that doesn't get the texting etiquette.  If I text you...  please text me back within a two hour time frame.  It takes 1 minute to answer a text.  "Im busy", "hi cant talk", fuck off you stupid bitch".. anything.  It really only takes 1 minute.

And I'm the stupid girl.  The one that believes your finger has a major cramp in in and its impossible to hit the h button without excrutiating pain.. and that's why you haven't responded.  Because you can't type HI without screaming in agony.

Why am I being ignored?   Don't you know that with each hour of a no text or call.. I get more and more irritated with you?   And more and more obsessed?  But.. I wait.  And I wait.  And I check my phone.  And check it again.

And why is it that the guys you really have no desire to talk to keep texting you?  And I am polite.. and text back.  But then they keep texting you.  Everyday.  Several times a day.   And you keep making excuses for why your texts are getting less and less frequent.  "Oh I'm just really busy".  "My phone was dead".   OMG.  I just realized something.  Someone is at the other end of my text.. waiting excitedly for me to respond.  And I have NO DESIRE to do it.  So they wait.  and wait.  Getting more and more annoyed.  And more and more obsessed.

I have a feeling that many relationships that could have been great had there just been an answering machine around, become doomed because of the texting.  Or the lack of.  And one person always gets crazy about the texting which leads to fights which could have been avoided altogether if the cell phone era had never been.  We used to have a 3 day rule in the 80's.  If the boy didn't call within 3 days of meeting or after your date... you could assume he wasn't that into you.   But now..  we expect a text right after they drop us off at the door telling us what a great time we had.  If anybody waits 3 days to text someone.. they better not even bother to type in any words.. because you have no chance in hell of explaining why it took 3 days to type in a sentence.  Any sentence.

I am done.  I am done with this stupid texting.  Stupid cell phones.  At least in the "old" days, you really could believe they just haven't been home long enough to call you.  Or personal calls weren't allowed at work.  Or their phone wire was knocked down in the storm.

Hold on.  I just got a text.

Great.  They got my sweepsteaks entry.  At least they care enough to respond to me!

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