Taylor Swift on my IPOD.... loud and proud. Don't hate the player.. hate the game

Okay..  I'm in a very irritable mood so I need to vent.  And I am going to vent about all you Taylor Swift haters.  What is it about this extremely talented very pretty girl that you all hate so much?  She's not off having babies at a young  age, smoking whatever in her pipe, running over paparrazi or punching anybody.  She's never drunk in the tabloid pictures and as far as I can see seems like a really really sweet girl.  So what if she can't find love.  She's all of 22.  Isn't that what young people are supposed to do in the learning process we call life?  Date and date and date some more?  It just so happens she likes to  write catchy  little diddys about her past hook ups.  And catchy they are.

Even when I hear a Taylor Swift song  for the first time I know that even though the high notes that she is hitting are somewhat annoying that first time, I too will be a fan by the 5th time I have heard it on the radio.  I can't tell you how many times my girls and I sing at the top of our lungs to a Taylor Swift song.  And yes, she is even on my Ipod.  And I'm not embarressed to say it.

I seriously can't figure out why so many haters out there for this poor girl.  She can write, play guitar, sing (yes she can so shut up), act (have you seen the CSI episode?) and is a Cover girl.  I for one like that my girls look up to her.   Everything about her screams squeaky clean.  She doesn't really write about sex or getting it on or grinding.   Unlike Fergie, whom my 9 year old can't get enough of.  I really hate that my little girl is singing "I got reasons why I tease em boys just come and go like seasons".   And althought my little Taylor might be dating them boys that come and go like seasons, she has an innocent tasteful way to put it.  It's all about the love for Taylor.  And I like that.

Love is what makes the world go round.  Isn't it?  And who else writes songs about love better than Taylor?  Love is not forever.  We all know that.  At least not at 15 to  21.. which is when she probably wrote these songs.  So can we just give her a break?

Let her have her fame.  Which is well deserved.  Let her have her love.  And let her have her heartache.  And let her share it with us.  I feel her pain when I picture her tears on her guitar.  She wants us to feel it.  Can you feel it?  Sorta like you felt the pain of Alanis Morisette's scratches on someone else's back.  I still get shivers when I hear her say that.  Yes I feel it.  And I feel Taylor.

So there.   I am one woman who gets Taylor.  She is a young woman dating and living her life and looking for love.  Doing exactly what most single young girls are doing.  It's just that she figured out how to market her heartache and make a bajillioin dollars doing it.    She rocks!!

Quit hating.  Hate on someone who deserves it.    I have a whole list of people I think deserve it but I don't want to get any hate mail.  I'm not as tough as Taylor.  And I don't have that pile of money to comfort me when the hate keeps coming in.

Taylor, if you ever see this..   I, and my 3 girls, frickin love you!!   I sorta hope you never do find true love, because then your clever little lyrics might stop.   And that would be heartbreak for me.

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