Alabama... roll tide... Notre Dame... Betty paige...slam!! huh?

An ALABAMA SLAMMER  is apparently NOT something you should drink if you intend to keep your head off of the table.  And if you don't care that your head might hit the table.. make sure your drink isn't in the way of your forehead.  You could get a headache.

And have to leave.

Unless you are with really good friends, who convince you that you ARE FINE and that knot on your head isn't anything but a little pimple.  Even though you are sure it feels more like an egg, and YOUR HEAD REALLY HURTS.

But just give the drunk girl some BETTY PAIGE cards.  She can play soliataire. And forget about her head.  And start slamming another alabama.  Or something like that.

Has anybody ever played solitaire in a crowded bar with screaming Alabama fans all around and a scantilly clad Betty Paige staring at you provocatively on each and every card?  Its NOT easy.  In fact.. its pretty impossible....

it's ALMOST as hard as riding a bicycle after a night of debauchery.  How many of US have tried THAT ONE?   only to realize.. GOOD idea.. not so much!!

This was my night at The Houndstooth last year for one of these "big" games of the season.   To be honest I could care less who was playing, but I really really liked the wallpaper at this place.

Well tonight is the big Alabama playoff game with .. um.. Notre Dame.  Yes that's it.  And I know this because I love to drink.  I love to drink Alabama Slammers.   And I'm Irish.  So that's why I know this big game exists tonight.  No other reason in the world for me to know this.


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