Naperville killings and Simon Peter Nelson... two stories young minds shouldn't have to hear

We have all heard of the tragedy in Naperville last week.  And I am sure it broke all of our hearts.

My fifth grader heard about this terrible story too.  Something I would have NEVER let her hear.  But her teacher decided it was a great story to share with her fifth grade class.   And using a spelling word as an example.

Let me tell you....  I was livid!!!

My daughter came home one day last week and said "Mom did you hear about the little boy who's mother killed him and his friend for jumping on the bed?"

I couldn't believe my ears.  I asked her WHO told her that.

"My teacher did.  She gave us a spelling word for our test.  The word was pleaded.  She said the boy pleaded with his mother not to stab him."

More horror from me.

Then my daughter told me how he jumped on the bed and his mother stabbed him 100 times.  And then killed his little friend.

I would have never ever told this story to my fifth grader.  I really don't believe there is any place in her little mind to hear such a horrible thing.  The world is scary when you are young.  I remember how frightening I thought it was.

When I was young there was a smiliar story that nobody sheilded me from.  It was Simon Peter Nelson.  The monster who killed his kids.  It was in my hometown.  And my parents let me see this.  I was twelve.  And I was scared out of my mind.  I was scared that someday my father would do that to me.   I don't know why.  I guess because I now realized you weren't even safe with your own parents.  I don't know what my little mind was thinking.  But whenever my dad got mad at me, I used to imagine he was going to kill me.  Thanks to that horrible story that was imprinted on my young mind.

I have tried like heck to protect my children's mind from violence.  I don't reallly have the news on when they are in the room.  Nothing positive is ever on.  I don't talk about murder in front of them.  I try to keep them happy and safe and an innocent as long as I can  I don't let them play voilent video games or watch movies about violence and killing and death.   But then I send them to school and as if I didn't have to worry enough about other children filling their heads... now I have to worry about their teachers.

Am I crazy or was this so far out of line to tell this story in school and use it as an example of a frickin spelling word?  I haven't addressed this teacher yet because I don't want to make life harder for my child in her class.  I just don't want her holding anything against her.  I thought about an anonymous note, but decided to blog about it instead... and hope she sees it or someone does and it gets back to her.

This was very very wrong.

And now my 9 year old knows the story too.  Thanks to this teacher and her big sister.



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  • The teacher discussing this story was definitely inappropriate, and to use it in a spelling word sentence so passively was a tad bit disrespectful.

    You know this was such a terrifying story to listen to. To see helicopters over your residence and news trucks everywhere and then to realize that a culprit of so much hate and evil is living right among you is a scary thought for an adult...but for an 11/12 year old, we can only imagine how their little minds are processing this ordeal.

    I think this topic should not have been addressed at all, at school, and that if they were going to speak to the children they should have advised the parents and received permission to do so.

    Parents know how, what, when, where, and why they should speak to
    their children, teachers can sometimes over step their boundaries.

    I would have written a letter to the principal (anonymous if you like) expressing my thoughts and feelings, to avoid running into that situation in the future (God Forbid)

    You are not crazy!! You are a loving caring responsible mother. I think you should definitely address this issue, in proper manner... Nothing like a letter to get the job done.

    Good luck :-)

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