I hope Elmo has been playing with consenting adults....

Oh Elmo... say it aint so!!!

I am so torn as to how I should be feeling about my favorite furry little monster.  I have listened to Elmo's voice for the past 20 years.....  having all 3 of my children laugh at  him and fall in love with him.   I didn't even know there was a man behind the muppet.   I swear!   I thought Elmo was REAL!!!

Now I find out that not only is he not REAL... but there is actually a gay black man running the show behind all of this wonderfullness we call Elmo.

Really?  Who cares.  Who cares if he is gay.  Who cares if he carried on a relationship with a younger man.  Good for him.  I think.

What we should care about is if the man who claims the affair really started the affair at 16.  This is what I have a problem with.

And not just because it's Elmo we are talking about.  I would have a problem with this if it was the janitor at the airport.  Or a CEO of a finanacial institute.  Because if he was only 16... this is very wrong.

The sad thing about all of this is that now some parents who are homophobic are going to shield their children from this glorious Elmo creature.  You know they will.  Which is sad.  Elmo has done nothing to deserve any of this backlash.  He's only 3 1/2 for crying out loud.  He doesn't even realize he might also be gay.  And all  of the little children watching him don't even know what sexual orientation is yet.  They just love to laugh and hear the adorable little voice known as Elmo.

It's a shame that this whole thing exploded without knowing for sure how old the young man was when this started.  If he was a consenting adult.. then it really is none of our business where the muppet has been sticking his little red furry... um... fingers.  But if the boy was just a boy.. then it's an issue that is our business.  I guess.

I just hope Bert and Ernie come out of the closet already.  We all know.  You can cut the sexual tension with 10 chocolate pies... ah one.. ah two.. a three.  You know the count is gay too.. right??    Does it really matter?  NOT unless he is biting the necks of underage little boys... and if he's not.. then it's really none of our business!

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