The Hangge Uppe is still alive... But they NEED to bring back the photo booth


The balls of my feet hurt.  Forty six year old women should NOT... I repeat...  should NOT think they can wear 3 inch heels starting at 4:30 pm saturday night and not take them off until 3:30 am Sunday morning.  Okay.. well I admit I took them off for a brief period of time somewhere around midnight but my feet kept sticking to the floor of the basement bar I was at.  Yea, pretty gross huh?

I went with some awesome women to The Script concert at the Aragon.  The lead singer was so cute but every single song was about breaking up and heartache and since my boyfriend and I just broke up 3 weeks ago, the songs were hitting too close to home.  So I decided the best thing to do would be to DRINK!  And DRINK I did.  Don't get me wrong, the show was incredible.  Very entertaining.  Especially the part where he told all of us to drunk dial someone we know we shouldn't be drunk dialing but at the time with everyone around doing it and the lead singer of the band telling me to do it.. it seemed like a great idea.  W R O N G!!  I think the stalker paperwork is being filed as I type.

But I didn't care.  Let's go to Rush and Division!   Yes, Bootleggers is handing out free styrofoam blinking light sabers... or something like that.  Perfect for hitting complete strangers on the head.  Wait, the crowd here isn't quite what we are looking for, so let's go to The Lodge.  Oh wow.  Has anybody ever noticed a funny smell there... I swear it was old fish.   After about 3 shots there, we decided to go to the place where we ALL used to go when we were young and hot...  hoping the photo booth was still there.

Hello Hangge Uppe!!  No photo booth? ... that's okay the music was PERFECT!  I think.  At this point I really have no idea what's going on around me.  Except there seemed to be alot of young boys dressed as penguins.    Me and my old ladies hoist ourselves up on the 3 foot by 3 foot stage to dance, hoping not to get knocked down onto a bad knee.   The drinks were flowing, the music was great and before we knew it , it really was well past turning into a pumpkin time.

It was three o'clock and I was pretty sure it was time to go.  I kept envisioning today...  and I knew I would be reunited with my kids at some point so I finally convinced these other crazy moms that we should probably go back to the condo.  Can you believe there was still a line to get in at 3:15?  Who are you people?   Then I realized I was still roaming the streets in 3 inch heels and Halloween makeup.  I knew exactly who they were.  Except they were supposed to be there.  I probably wasn't.

Who cares.  We had so much fun on our mom's night out.  Yeah so our toenails feel a little like they could fall off at any time today.  And our legs are a little shaky.  And we are functioning on 4 hours of sleep, but we are supermoms and we got this.

I think.

I texted my daughter in the morning and asked how her Halloween party night was last night. "AWFUL"  was her reply.  Then I really felt guilty for having so much fun with all the people her age.  "MINE TOO".   So I lied.  Who cares.  I know the guilt will pass.  It always does.  Now it's nap time.  I am so glad I survived this Halloween weeekend.

I am not sure if my toes did.  They are still numb.  I am hoping they are just in shock and will be working properly tomorrow for my morning 3 mile walk.  Sans heels.

OMG!  They better be fixed by wednesday...   I have to walk for 4 hours so my kids can fill up their pillowcases with hopefull enough peanut butter cups to take me into the new year!

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