Mad woman in search of Madmen....

I am going to a fashion show!  Yippee skippy!   It is downtown at the Blackstone Hotel on Tuesday.    The theme is Mad Men.  So I have 2 more days to find something that suits the theme.  I have been looking for two days.  I wish I had planned sooner.  There are all kinds of vintage shops online that would have had the perfect dress.  But I will never get one in time now.

I have been all over the suburbs stopping at every goodwill and thrift store I could find.  It has been raining for 2 days so this task has been especially fun.  Today mother nature even threw in a tornado warning!  And me, without an umbrella.  I  even thought perhaps the halloween stores would have something.  Nada.  Why couldn't it have been a monster high theme!  Draculaura leg warmers galore out there!


I realize I need help with finding the right thing.  I called my mother, who is 80, and told her to ask around her circle of friends to see if perhaps they hung onto some clothes for the past almost 50 years.

I was in luck!  Her friend Maragaret kept her negligee from her wedding night!   And a fox face fur!    Do I wear them together?  What do 50 year old undergarments look like?    I think I'll pass.  Btw, who even uses the word negligee anymore?    Actually, I think it's a great word and definitely neeeds to make a comback!VINTAGE 1920's, SILVER FOX, NATURAL FUR, Boa, Collar, Scarf, Stole, Wrap

I even went to the fabric store and thought to myself, I can make a dress.  I have a glue fun and a sewing machine.  After looking at the patterns, I convinced myself this was a stupid idea.

I don't know what I am going to be wearing come tuesday night.  At this rate, I am going to be the one wearing a beehive on my head and having a  fox face wrapped around my  crusty undergarments.

Go me!


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  • Just an idea, but you can go as someone from one of the ads in the 1960's. Might give you more costume ideas. Like the mom whose hands are always soaking in dish detergent. Or better yet, go as a mom who takes the little yellow pill and is always fake happy.

  • In reply to Karen Alpert:

    great idea Karen! Do you HAVE ANY LITTLE YELLOW PILLS I can borrow? :)

  • great idea karen!! Do you HAVE ANY PILLS I CAN BORROW? :)

  • In reply to Vicki:

    I wish!

  • What will Alfred E. Newman be wearing, I wonder?

  • get a straight skirt, matching sweater and cardigan, papagallo-like flats and a string of pearls. If you can't find the sweater-set, go back to the thrift store and ask the 60-ish looking woman for a blouse with a Peter Pan collar. She will know what that is. Failing that, a shell top with a cardigan and straight skirt (to just below the knee). You will win.

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